Setting Boundaries with Treatment Friends

JulyQuotes JessicaThe people you meet in treatment are some of the most influential people you will ever meet.

Forming friendships with people who understand how it feels to have a mental illness  is comforting and uplifting. This is especially true when even the people who love you the most cannot fathom what you’re going through. But, it can be detrimental to your recovery if you don’t set boundaries. Read More




Saying No to The Voice of Fear

JulyQuotes MarkFear: it’s paralyzing. It can be all-consuming. It can chain us to our current circumstances. It can also initiate a fight response.

We back into a corner with our teeth bared. We go in kicking and screaming, ready to claw anyone in our path. Adrenaline floods into your blood and often times you blindly swipe in order to get out of the place you are in.

Both responses are animalistic. We all know about the flight or fight response. But what if we chose to say no to fear? Read More

Saying “No” to Giving In to Despair

JulyQuotes ElizabethWhen he found that I had already changed into pajamas and washed off all of my makeup by three o’clock on a Friday night, my dad sat down beside me and said “Elizabeth, you can’t just give in – you have to keep fighting”.

I was tired and sick of fighting depression. I hated that after two years of doing everything I could to be physically and spiritually healthy, I was still fatigued, sad, hopeless, numb, and empty all the time.

I hated the person I had become – irritable, isolated, cold, and selfish. I hated that I couldn’t think of a single thing that I wanted to do, and I hated feeling like all my efforts to fight depression were in vain. I was fed-up and frustrated, and through with wasting my incredibly limited energy on a futile fight.

I stopped wanting to take little, seemingly useless steps toward recovery. Read More




Finding Support in the Church

Sarah Skillman - church and supportA church setting can sometimes be overwhelming to navigate when looking for support in recovery. 

It is not uncommon for people to place expectations on their own spirituality; one of the false associations with religion  and emotional health is that the better the spiritual life, the less emotional issues you’re going to go through and if you are going through emotional troubles it is a result of weak faith. Read More




Lupe: Free from Anorexia

Lupe-Free-from-AnorexiaI remember the day it happened, the day it clicked in my head. Finally, something within my control.

In 2008, my world was beyond chaotic. Facing false child abuse allegations, DHS Child Protective Services investigations, two child custody disputes, confrontations with my ex-wife, the public attacks of my current wife’s ex-husband and his wife, stress from work and graduate school, my struggle with bipolar disorder, and all of their effects on my relationships – I was past the point of feeling controlled.

Read More

Community Blog

Lupe: Free from Anorexia

Friday, July 18, 2014

I remember the day it happened, the day it clicked in my head. Finally, something within my control. In 2008, my world was beyond chaotic. Facing false child…

Courtney: Free from Orthorexia

Friday, July 11, 2014

I became a victim to ED during my college years. I decided to become “healthier” by watching what foods I ate, but this lead to a downward spiral. My…

Allison: Free from Anorexia

Friday, July 4, 2014

I think it is easy for people to look at a picture of me when I was very thin and to understand that I was somehow not okay….

Stephanie: Free from Numbers

Friday, June 20, 2014

I can think back now and realize how easy it was to fall into the obsessive and destructive patterns that sparked from just wanting to lose a ‘few kilos’.

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