The Other Emotional Eating


When you think about juice cleanses, clean eating, high intensity exercise routines, gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/fat/wheat/carb/etc-free eating, what comes to mind? Do you think “emotional eating?”

We are quick to label the eating of ice cream, chocolate, casseroles, and cookies as emotional eating, regardless of whether they are being misused or enjoyed as a part of a healthy, intuitive diet. At the same time, we are very slow to label the use of “clean” eating as “emotional eating.” Read More




Cultivating Healthy Thoughts


You might not think about the contents of your thoughts as having anything to do with habits. Habits are exercising, waking up early, and eating healthy, right? Yes, those are habits.

In my experience, the most important of all habits is cultivating loving and empowering thoughts. Read More

If You Think You’re a Victim, Think Again


I was completely unaware of my surroundings as I stared at the mirror. The reflection was that of a young woman with long hair and sad eyes. Her body looked damaged and malnourished: her ribs and collarbones were sticking out, her belly was bloated, her skin was so dry it was bleeding in certain areas, and her legs were covered in bruises. She looked familiar, but not quite.

It was only when I caught a glimpse of the two moles above her lips that I truly believed this person was me. It was me in this body; the face with the bitter expression on it was mine. I was about to feel sorry for this being, when suddenly an angry voice – was it my voice? – started speaking. Read More

Devotions for Dry Times

FAITH - Elizabeth Devotions

There are days when I struggle to feast on God’s word the way I usually do. Like a sick child, I am not always capable of keeping down a full thanksgiving dinner in the midst of a particularly intense bout of despair or anxiety. In fact, I often don’t want to “eat” anything.

Still, like a sick child, I need sustenance to fuel my recovery. I may not be able to hold down an in depth study of the theology of revelation, but I am capable of holding down bowls of chicken noodle soup and bites of saltine crackers – and if I want to recover, I absolutely must. Read More




Kate: Free from the Fear of Vulnerability

COMM - Kate free from vulnerability

I am free from the fear of vulnerability.

I don’t remember a time in school when I wasn’t bullied. The severity of it varied over the years, but it continued until I graduated high school. Going to an environment every day for the majority of the year where I was taunted verbally, and sometimes physically hurt, did quite a bit to cause me to develop very little self-esteem. It also taught me keeping walls around me at all times was best. No one should get in. No friends. No family.  No teachers. No one. I was alone. Read More

Community Blog

COMM - Kate free from vulnerability

Kate: Free from the Fear of Vulnerability

Friday, July 24, 2015

Treatment was the beginning of allowing myself to be vulnerable and tear down the walls that kept people out.


Candice: Free from Lies

Friday, July 3, 2015

If we don’t forgive ourselves, if we continue to lie about how we really feel, we’ll never get over these stumbling blocks life puts out for us.

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