Recovery Tips Video: Handling Diet Talk

Malia B - recovery tips handling diet talk

This month I discuss how to prepare to handle harmful diet talk, body shaming, and food policing. Anyone in recovery from an eating disorder has a constant unwanted and judgmental voice in his or her head, so it’s no wonder hearing a another person’s thoughts on top of that can be triggering (and annoying)!

Dealing with diet talk is easier than you may think–just remember a few key tips and you’re ready to go!

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Changing Your Perspective of Your Body

Megan Mottola- Sept. Quote.jpgA question I was recently asked was: “Many people just notice the negatives of their own body image. How can a person change that negative perception into a positive one? What’s that process like?”

In my eyes, healing is a privilege. It teaches you things about the world and yourself you might not have the opportunity to know if you weren’t healing in some way. Read More




Count Your Burdens

Mark D - count your burdensGimmicky sayings. I have to admit, I really can’t stand them. I often find them fluffy and without much substance. I was looking up some quotes on happiness I found particularly nauseating and I found this one: “For every minute you are sad you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

For someone who suffered from depression, I would often be told these kinds of cheesy quotes in hopes to cheer me up. Instead, it made me feel even worse. If that’s all it took to pull me out of my depression, then let me tell you: I would have been recovered years before I was. Read More




Heather: Free from ED, Depression, + Anxiety

Originally published February 1, 2013

Heather Free from ed depressionHi, my name is Heather and I would like to share my story with you in hopes that it will inspire you to get help for yourself or someone you know.

It all started in spring of 2011. I was a senior in high school, just about to graduate. I started feeling depressed, and although I should have been excited about graduating, I wasn’t. I started getting a feeling of depression that wouldn’t go away, and it gradually got worse. Read More

FAQ: How do I deal with the frustration of insomnia associated with depression?

Elizabeth Geffers- September 2014There are few things as lonely and hopeless – as depressing – as needing energy more than ever to fight depression and yet facing the severe insomnia so often coupled with the mental illness. Since sleep medications can often have negative side effects for people with depression, it seems like there is no solution to the long sleepless nights.

Over the years I struggled with depression, I often spent my days trying to keep my eyes open only to lie in bed unable to fall asleep for hours, eventually falling asleep only to wake up every few hours until morning. Read More

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Heather: Free from ED, Depression, + Anxiety

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Originally published February 1, 2013 Hi, my name is Heather and I would like to share my story with you in hopes that it will inspire you to get…

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