The Myth of “Holiday Cheer”

Jessica Clayton December Quote.jpgThere is nothing quite as isolating as experiencing depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, or any mental or physical illness during the holidays.

Mental illness can feel isolating most of the time, but the feelings of isolation are compounded during the holidays by the expectation of holiday cheer.

Since the holidays are also promoted as a joyous time to spend with loved ones, they can be very painful if your family situation is complicated, if you are experiencing grief over the death of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship. Read More




Perfectly Made Imperfect

lindsay a - perfectly madeOftentimes during recovery, we view our journey as the path by which we are meant to overcome, to defeat something less than which exists within. While it is true that mental health issues can hinder us from being the better, healthier version of ourselves, we must remember to always see things through The Lord’s eyes.

It’s a common tagline: “God does not make mistakes.” We are exactly as He meant us to be, even with our flaws and scars, visible or unseen. In the same ways He renders us broken, He makes us extraordinary. We need only to look closely to see it. Read More




Coping at Christmas

MannionChristmas is a time for giving gifts, spreading cheer, and singing loud for all to hear.

This is the formula most traditionally adhered to in the run up to Christmas, where the focus is on showing your appreciation and love for others. This has always been important to me and not just in the festive season.

I am a pleaser. I enjoy making other people happy by giving them gifts, making them food, and tiptoeing around in order to avoid confrontation. I always believed this formula worked for me, until I started my recovery process. Read More




Video: Self Care During the Holidays

There can be a misconception during the holidays of what our social lives are supposed to look like.  Parties to throw, gatherings to attend, gifts to purchase and wrap–the trouble with the long holiday season is the sense of burnout. Burnout can lead to overwhelming anxiety and gloomy depression.

Taking time for ourselves this holiday season can help us recharge our batteries for a less stressful and more enjoyable holiday season.

In this video, I’ll discuss the steps you can take and suggestions you may want to try–from expressing ways others can serve you to unplugging from social media and reflecting. Read More




Re-discovering the Holiday Magic

Shelby Martin December quote.jpgRemember when you were little and the holidays seemed like the most magical time of the year? When the first snowfall of the season was met with cries of delight and December meant one thing: Santa Claus, hot cocoa, and an excuse to stay up late?

Our childhood innocence and happiness craved the holiday spirit and was fed by every glad tiding of great joy and season’s greeting.

However, as we begin to grow older, the magic of the sparkling Christmas tree and Frosty the Snowmen seem to melt away and become lost to the stressors of our aged lives. Read More

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