Sarah: Free from Hopelessness

Originally published January 17, 2013

Sarah S. Free from HopelessnessFor as long as I can remember I have struggled with anxiety. As a child I constantly had stomachaches and complained that there was a lump sitting in the back of my throat. I think that this was partially due to the tense family situation I was living in.

I experienced verbal and emotional abuse from a family member for years and, at eight years old, suffered a traumatic experience outside of the home.

I am unsure exactly when the eating disorder/OCD thoughts began, but at a fairly young age I associated changing my body with establishing a sense of control amidst the internal and external chaos… Read More




Body Positive Spotlight: Yellowberry

bopo spotlight yellowberry companyEditor’s Note: Our Body Positive Spotlight is a way for us to showcase businesses who promote body positivity through their brand. This time we are featuring the girl’s apparel company Yellowberry. 

I first came across Yellowberry on Instagram, and after reading the story behind the brand, I feel in love. I want to thank  Megan, the Founder,  for taking the time to fill out this interview and for her passion to show young girls they are beautiful and important and, most importantly, that there’s nothing wrong with acting their own age!

Be sure to check out their links below and show them some love!  -Lauren Bersaglio Read More


Sarah VDW - self careIf you are a member of our Facebook support groups, you’ll see every Sunday, I make a #selfcaresunday post. In these posts, I ask the question, “What will you do today to take care of yourself? What plans will you make for this coming week to take time for self-care?”

I’ve found self-care to be crucial in my recovery process, but it has never been easy for me. I have always been so afraid of disappointing someone or appearing selfish that taking some time just for me was never an option in the past. Read More




Video: Tips for Dealing with Diet Talk

The question for today’s video is “How can you stop comparing yourself to others who are dieting?”

Every day, we are surrounded by diet talk. It’s even in social media. It’s so easy to get swept into these conversations and mindsets, even if we are trying to live a healthy, diet-free lifestyle.

This video discusses three specific ideas to combat this daily problem:
Read More




Taking Time to Care for Ourselves

January - Scott G.When it comes to self care, one of the most important things is taking time for yourself. I often get caught up in life and doing everything I need to get done for school, work, clubs, and home life that I have no time for myself.

I have learned it is very important for me to take a break from studying or working on whatever it is I am working on to do something I enjoy, to take some time for self care. Read More

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Sarah: Free from Hopelessness

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Originally published January 17, 2013 For as long as I can remember I have struggled with anxiety. As a child I constantly had stomachaches and complained that there…

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