The Balance of Independence

elizabeth g - growing upI finally started to feel the first significant decrease in my depression symptoms the spring before I left for college. Over the summer, I continued to become healthier mentally, spiritually, and psychologically. I was excited to go to college and have a fresh start, and I couldn’t wait to start living more independently.

Fighting depression had forced me to grow up early in many ways, and I thought since I was “strong” and “self-motivated,” I would adjust wonderfully to college. Read More

Growing Up in Fear

AugQuotes SebastianIt is a difficult thing to grow up with an Anxiety Disorder, especially when you don’t know what it is.

I can trace my earliest fears back to when I was six years old – being afraid of the Devil, and that he might be out to get me. My mother put it down to a vibrant imagination. If I saw something scary on TV, it would be imprinted on my mind. I’d wake up at night and lie in bed terrified, imagining the TV creature hovering just out of sight in the darkness.

Sure, all children get magical thoughts about monsters under their bed, but the difference with me was those kind of thoughts didn’t go away as I got older. They changed in theme, but the fear was the same. Read More



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“Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”

AugQuotes Dayna“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

I’m sure many of us have heard this. Unfortunately, many people and influences in our lives have changed the meaning of this quote. We see our beauty coming from the outside and believe others judge us from our society-created definition of physical beauty.

Every day, we are hammered with ideas of beauty from advertisements, colleagues, friends, family, and more. Most of these ideas focus on external beauty, ignoring internal beauty. Read More




Let Go and Let Him…Really

Lindsay A - let go let god“Let go and let God.”

I have always loved this quote, even if I struggle to live by it. As someone whose greatest challenge has been relinquishing my own need for absolute control over my life and everything in it, these words ring particularly truthful—and yet bothersome at the same time. Read More




Recovery is a Full Time Job

AugQuotes JessicaWhen I was in college I used to bemoan that recovering from my eating disorder was a full-time job. I wish I had known at the time how lucky I was. Recovery still feels like a full-time job sometimes, but nowadays I have a career on top of my recovery.

In college you have so many resources available to you: a counseling center, a health center, a campus dialogue about issues that college students struggle with, and a supportive network of friends  by your side to support you and to brave the dining hall with you. Read More

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