Being Uncomfortable Means We’re Growing

Josh Shook Nov qupte.jpgFrom an early age we are bombarded with the idea that the goal in life is to be comfortable. As soon as we get that promotion, as soon as we get married, as soon as life settles down, then we can relax and enjoy life.

What takes many of us so long to learn is there is always an excuse. There will always be things vying for our attention. Life never settles down, but that is good news because being uncomfortable means we are growing. Read More




Comfort Zones, Growing Pains

Mark November qupte.jpgThroughout my battle with depression, I have learned many lessons. I have learned the value of having an accountability partner, surrounding yourself with positivity, and admitting sometimes I need help.

It has taken a long time to learn these lessons and fully understand their impact on my life. However, if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, I wouldn’t have experienced any of them.

Comfort zones are something we build up in order to keep us from stumbling back into a relapse. Read More




Who Am I Without my Eating Disorder?

“Who will I be without my eating disorder?”

Jessica QuoteAs someone who had identified as “the girl with the eating disorder” since I was a young girl, I had no idea what to expect when I finally started defining myself by my personal attributes instead of a series of meaningless numbers (pounds, calories, inches, and BMI).

It’s funny how therapists talk about recovery as this “amazing journey of self-discovery,” when facing up to who we truly are is what many of us are most afraid of. Read More




Confronting Triggers, Conquering Fear

Lindsay Abraham nov image.jpgWhen recovering from an anxiety disorder, one of the first things you want to do is avoid any triggers you can. You avoid the things that scare or trouble you, believing by doing so, you won’t give in to the fears and anxiety you are trying so hard to beat.

While avoiding triggers can make you feel as though you’re improving, true recovery requires the ability to face a trigger head on, without allowing it to control you. Read More




Video: Comfort Zones–Their purpose and when to let them go

This month on Libero Network we are talking about comfort zones! I decided to make this video on what I believe the purpose of comfort zones are and when it’s time to move on and let them go. Read More

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