Sex, Drugs, and Rap n’ Roll (partying with Lloyd) Pt.1

Our writer Lauren A. found herself pulled into the world of Rap Stars, and she couldn’t believe what she discovered…(and neither will you!)

This is Part 1 of what will be a 3 part series.

The first time I saw them some friends and I were at a basketball game. In comparison to North American courts this was like a sad little brother in hand-me-downs (with a broken stereo and lacklustre furniture). It was a group of African American guys – shouting at the players, getting the audience pumped up – making good use of their courtside seats. Courtside here, of course, being a table and some fold out chairs.

Around halftime they announced that they were giving away two VIP tickets to Lloyd’s concert (happening the next night). We all clued in then as to who the African American guys were, and why they were acting like big shots…it was because they were.

We tried Googling Lloyd to suss out which one he was….but we were still too far from their seats to figure it out. A few autograph requests later (lord forbid anybody pull them away from the cheerleader’s performance) we pinned him. After the game, we took care of a priority photo with one of the basketball players, then debated how to approach Lloyd. He was pleasant, his bodyguard was kind but ever cautious, and we got our photo in – business deal handshake and all.

I was scheduled to open at work the next day, and was setting up the furniture out front when a couple familiar faces from the night before came wandering by. “Dayum guurrrl, sup gawgous! Dayum you bee-yoo-ti-full! Holla at cha boyz hmm!”. Oh hello there. I do enjoy coming to work and feeling objectified by the rich guests from next door. Please, please say something about my booty.

They carried on their way and I rushed in to share the joke with chef, who burst out laughing with me. Who actually goes around hollering at girls using this foreign strain of English!? The encounter kept me giggling the rest of the day. Did Lloyd’s homeboys actually ‘holla’ at me? Is there any other term for that encounter or do I really have to use the word ‘holla’ when I’m telling people about this?

Fast forward to that night (yes, it was a long shift, but during my extended break I fit in a French mani and a hot meal, so don’t feel too bad for me) when I approached 2 younger girls at one of my tables, ready to bring out some drinks for them. It was clear they had given the mirror and makeup bag detailed attention before leaving for the night, nothing new around where I work, really. Judging by their demeanor though, something big was about to happen.

I barely had time to offer them a menu when they burst with the biggest news of their life. Omgsh earlier in the day they’d met LLOYD’S LITTLE BROTHER and his friend, Lebraun!! Omgsh and they were totally invited to the concert!! like, Lloyd’s little brother was just all “you comin to the show?” and they were all “WISH!” so he was all “VIP tickets for ya ladies, here’s my digits”.

After a discussion with my manager about the celebrity presence, he said that if I came across Lloyd or part of his crew, I could offer them free shots before the show.

My two customers hurled me at Lloyd’s little brother, who I met as BK, and his friend Lebraun. Suddenly, for the first time that night, the girls were at a loss for words.

Not one to get star struck around acquaintances of artists I don’t listen to, I stepped up and offered them the shots. They declined as they had to get to the show, but between a few “baby, dayum, gurls” they invited me to the concert. Seeing as I was working until 11, it was my turn to decline them. Apparently however, this was the ideal clock-out time, as that’s when the after party was starting!

Well…in that case….

Before I knew it I had their cell phone number, room numbers, and a personal invitation to Lloyd’s after party. Now there’s something to add to my bucket list so I can quickly tick it off and feel accomplished – receive personal invite to celeb’s afterparty – Check!…


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